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  • Piazza della Basilica n. 2 - 07020 (OT)

  • protocollo.luogosanto@pec.comunas.it

  • Tel.: 079 65 790

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Articoli (9)
Living Luogosanto
Why you should definitely visit and explore Luogosanto

Knowing Luogosanto
History and geography of Luogosanto in short

Exploring Luogosanto
Four walks to discover the town of Luogosanto

Luogosanto Tourist Map
Maps and istructions to get blissfully lost in the sacred heart of Gallura

Luogosanto Tourist Office
The door that leads to the heart of Gallura

Accomodations in Luogosanto
Hotels, agritourism and B&B in Luogosanto

Tasting Luogosanto
Eating and drinking in Luogosanto

Hiking and sport
Companies and associations that offer sports and hiking services

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